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Hartmut Dietrich (COO)
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Dr. Uwe Ganzer (CFO)
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Gunnar Kahl 
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Reliable, Competent, Flexible

With process automation getting more and more complex all the time, a reliable, competent and flexible partner is needed who can offer solutions that are tailor-made to individual needs.– and in every phase of developing a facility. Our comprehensive product range and service concept covers all the challenges posed by process engineering at a facility. Our goal is to increase productivity, reliability and quality.

The onoff engineering gmbh supports you in this:

Whether large, mid-sized or small; whether food, pharmaceutical or natural gas – we work flexibly in projects that always guarantee customized solutions. Our decades of project experience and our experts for all project areas make onoff engineering gmbh a professional partner for all your process automation and information technology needs.

onoff engineering gmbh was founded as a product and system-independent engineering company for automation technology in Hanover, Germany in 1988. Since then, we have developed into a leading service provider of process automation engineering.

onoff engineering gmbh currently employs more than 160 people. With branch offices in Germany and Europe, we're always nearby.


onoff engineering gmbh
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