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Michael Fischer
Tel.: +49 5031 9686-412

In pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverages industry facilities – with high levels of process engineering – there are high demands for safety and reliability. At onoff group, we realize the installation of professional electronic instrumentation and control systems for industrial facilities of all sizes. We do this according to strict legal regulations and standards while meeting your company's internal needs.

If you want, we can handle all the work required to install your technical facility at its operating location. These include the development and assembly of equipment, switch and control panels and enclosures; along with on-site installation, running cable and wiring, and of course complete documentation.

We have our own assembly department for all tasks involved in the assembly of electronic systems. Through flexibility and good planning – and the use of our own equipment like service vehicles, offices and workshop containers – we are able to complete your project on time. This means planning dependability for your project, from start to finish.


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