Automation and Telecontrol Engineering

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One of the fastest-growing fields in the water-supply industry is the automation of processes at public waterworks. Originally, this merely meant a simplification of the monitoring and control tasks. But more recently a whole new spectrum of goals has emerged – beginning with the optimisation of personnel needs to process engineering and financial optimization of the systems/plants all the way to tailor-made control processes of a company by simplifying the linking to distant production site networks. onoff automation offers integrated, holistic solutions here.


Customer: Wasserverband Eifel-Rur
Project: Sewage Plants
Technology: S7, WinCC, Acron

Customer: Stadtwerke Hannover AG
Project: PCS Sewage Plant
Technology: S7, Viewmaster

Customer: WAZ Wasser- und Abwasser
Project: Waterworks
Technology: S7, Viewmaster

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