-  Crystal-clear thermal processes

in: GlassFocus 2014 - September 2014

Siemens-Solution-Partner on/off ensures high availability, transparency and efficiency at Barberini 

Barberini GmbH in Grünenplan – the German subsidiary of the Italian ophthalmic lens manufacturer – has expanded its production capacity with a fifth melting furnace. One of the priorities of the project was to make the thermal processes for melting and cooling transparent and easy to operate, while ensuring high availability. The Siemens Solution Partner on/off engineering gmbh, headquartered in Wunstorf, Germany, was able to provide a solution that met all of the operator’s requirements. on/off worked together with the plant’s former owner and current service provider, Schott AG, and the entire project was planned and completed in only 100 days. That amounts to as little as one-third of the time frame for most projects of this type.  

The full article in PDF format: Siemens_GlassFocus_2014_EN part onoff Barberini.pdf 

 -  Customer Success Story - Rottendorf Pharma GmbH

in: Customer Success Stories - Wonderware Invensys - Dezember 2012

Efficient cleanroom and process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry and life sciences 

The production of pharmaceuticals requires to comply with several legal regulations and standards, including the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice). To be able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to ever changing legal requirements and manufacturing technology conditions, while ensuring high product safety, an integrated quality management system is mandatory. How an efficient cleanroom and process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry an life sciences can be implemented, is topic of the case study here published.

The full article in PDF format: Anwenderbericht Monitoring Rottendorf EN.pdf

 -  Clean and Integrated

in: siemens process news - Dezember 2012 

New plant for disinfectant production at Schülke & Mayr is running smoothly - Thanks to SIMATIC 

Thanks to the Simatic PCS 7 process control system and the Simatic Batch software, a new plant for disinfectant production at Schülke & Mayr is running smoothly. The managers are enthusiastic about the high degree of system integration and the resulting improved ease of use. 

The full article in PDF format: siemens process news 04-2012 on-off_SchuelkeMayr EN.pdf

 -  From Beet to Fuel

in: process news siemens - Januar 2009 

Nordzucker AG is one of Europe’s leading sugar producers. In early 2008, the company’s first bioethanol plant went into operation at the sugar refinery site in Klein Wanzleben near Magdeburg. By entering the “energy from renewable raw materials” business sector, the company thus creates another promising mainstay.  

The full article in PDF format: 2009_01_process_news_Bioethanol_Wanzleben_E.pdf

 -  Bioethanol from Sugar-Beet

in: process news siemens - Juli 2008

After a project time of only about 12 months, the first bioethanol plant ran by Nordzucker subsidiary fuel21 in Klein Wanzleben near Magdeburg went into operation in early 2008. It is expected to produce 130,000 m³ of bioethanol per year. The plant’s finalization was also supported by SIEMENS and its automation solution partner on/off.