-  InfoCarrier ™ Desktop Launcher – With one click to the target

The on/off it-solutions gmbh is pleased to announce a further expansion to InfoCarrier ™. The Desktop Launcher is a configurable user portal that provides all InfoCarrier ™ applications, but also any external applications (e.g. intranet), in a clear and easy-to-use portal. 

With just one click, not only applications per se, but also preconfigured reports are accessed directly. Everyone sees only what he needs and comes with a click to the target.

For new customers the desktop launcher has already established itself as a central user portal in no time. Existing customers get the desktop launcher for software maintenance as a free software update. 

Please find more information about our InfoCarrier™ MES here

 -  WAIT 12 - Congratulations Hochschule Harz!

The Department of computer science and automation of the Hochschule Harz celebrates its 20 anniversary. The Department takes this as an opportunity for the conference WAIT12 and for an evening event on the day of the anniversary, the 18th Oct. 2012. 

The on/off group will participate as a longtime partner of the University at the WAIT 2012 as an exhibitor. 


 -  4th NZW Congress in Dresden

From the 1515 to 16th June 2012 the 4th NZW congress with about 200 participants took place in Dresden. The congress stands for high quality training and collegial exchange between allpharmaceutical professional groups, chemists and experts in the field of occupational safety. 

In the context of workshops and lectures, e.g. on "Risk Management for the in-house production of Pharmacy" and "Implementation of QMS in pharmacies", various modern aspects dealt with in the practice of pharmacies and clinics.

The on/off group was involved at this event with a presentation by Mr. Tobias Heim, Key Account Manager Pharmaceutical Industry. In particular, the new requirements for the aseptic manufacture of pharmaceutical products and the new order pharmacy operation, which is adapted in the field of quality management to the GMP guidelines were subject of this lecture. Because that pharmacies and laboratories should already be prepared.

The continuous measurement of particle by the on/off-developed computer-based clean-room monitoring system meets these stringent legal requirements and is the basis for the electronic verification of the documented quality-oriented production.

The main topics of the presentation were:

  • New requirements for clean room monitoring systems
  • System design (hardware and software)
  • Essential functions of the monitoring system
  • Investment protection through the use of industrial standards
  • Continuous GMP documentation, this safety audits

Afterwards there was a social come-together in Carolaschlösschen, Dresden where many questions and stimulating discussions on various current topics in oncology, and pharmacology took place. 


 -  Review - Pyramid 2012, University of Augsburg

On 16th May at the University of Augsburg, the career fair Pyramid was held. With great success the on/off group was represented as an exhibitor. 

Mr. Kurzmeier, Mr. Gail and Mr. Keuns of the on / off engineering gmbh in Augsburg were on site and had interesting conversations with students and graduates of the University of Augsburg as well as from other universities and colleges and good interviews on the proposed final papers and job openings. 


 -  Review: meet@hochschule-hannover 2012

The on/off group was involved in this year's meet@hochschule-hannover as exhibitor. The event was a huge success for us! 

Mr. Kroeber and Mr. Dahle, representing the on/off engineering gmbh, had many interesting conversations. The attending students were very interested in the various dissertation topics of the on/off group.

Visitors to the exhibition came from many countries and had different majors. Great interest had all the guests, an estimated 30% of whom were women, for the topics EnMS and environmental engineering. 

 -  Water Day 2012 - Innovative Technology for Water Management

The water industry makes high demands on the power distribution and automation. Operators of water plants, sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, rest assured that products and systems used are reliable, flexible and economical. 

Specialists report on the state of the plant design, engineering and the built-in on the trends and sustainable development in the areas of automation, measurement and analysis technology. All visitors can discuss with the speakers and exhibitors own challenges.

Axel Rösemeier-Scheumann, from the on/off automation gmbh, Wunstorf will present a lecture with the topic "The agony of choice - SCADA or Control Systems ".

The organizer of the Water Day 2012 is the Siemens AG, North Region.

Water Day 2012 


 -  SME relies on MES

The on/off engineering gmbh is pleased to have won another customer in the field of chemical industry for the module EnMS of the MES InfoCarrier™. Even the middle class has now recognized the need for and benefits of energy management. 

Therefore, the project involves the InfoCarrier™ with its two modules PIMS and EnMS

A Simple Process Information Management System (PIMS) organizes process data, collects data and stores them. The InfoCarrier™ goes even further: e.g. he has several, very flexible interfaces, which can be read with different data from virtually any source in the internal database.The energy management system (EnMS) of the InfoCarrier™, all energy data of the company are collected and the customer receives an overview of the energy consumption of its facilities. 

For more information on InfoCarrier™ here.

 -  bbb - Lunch and Learn

At the bbb-Lunch & Learn on 16th May 2012 at the berlinbiotechpark Mr. Tobias Heim, on/off engineering gmbh, will present a standard monitoring system of the on/off group. It conforms to current good manufacturing practice regulations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 

The bbb e.V. offers with bbb "Lunch and Learn" a series of events to strengthen the communication between science and industry in the region of Berlin.

Interesting topics are presented in a 45-60 minute lecture by high school teachers, working groups, service providers and companies with their research activities, services and offers. 

Click here for the event 

20120516_Lunch Learn_Einladung.pdf

 -  Current issue energy management

For everybody energy and its management is a hot topic. For the industry, the issue also contains several potentials: cost reduction, data transparency, managerial and technical optimization, competitive advantage through certification to ISO 50 001, just to name a few. 

The Energy Masters 2012, took place at the end of February in Berlin, proved once more that in different branches in the area of the technic significant savings are available .

The interest of the companies aims on the simultaneous optimization of the regulatory and economic framework.

An energy data management, as it is for example possible with the InfoCarrier™ of the on/off it-solutions gmbh,meets therefore a great need to provide the data which are necessaray for the various documents and in particular for the assessment of energy efficiency measures.

In all sessions of the event therefore was repeatedly emphasized data transparency as one of the crucial parameters for success.

The lecture of Mr. Ludger Alberding, on/off it-solutions gmbh, we have made available in the donwload section "on/off it-solutions" . 

Click here for the download section

 -  Review Lounges 2012

The Lounges 2012 was for the exhibitors, the organizers and the visitors a great success: a total of 260 companies showed their latest products and services. The 7.100 trade visitors attended the more than 200 lectures.  

The total number of visitors of the Lounges 2012 has increased compared to last year, especially for the lectures, the number of visitors increased, so that all the presentations were very well attended.

The on/off engineering gmbh has prsented its standard monitoring system with data caches based on WinCC V7.0. The visitors were mainly interested in the possibility to capture, in addition to the particles, further clean-room measurements, such as temperature capture, humidity, differential pressure and to archive them GMP-compliant. Another issue was the measurement of bacterial counts.

Mr. Marius Kurzmeier (Standard Monitoring System with Data Caches (WinCC)) and Mr. Tobias Heim (Standard Monitoring System for Hospitals and Clinics (IAS)) have contributed with their papers an active part to the success of this event.

These two lectures are available as PDF file in our download area "on/off engineering". 

Click here for the download section