Process optimization with Line Controller

For production areas, where Package Units (PU) are used, the on/off it-solutions gmbh has developed a solution called Line Controller (LC). The Line Controller is located on the control level in the automation pyramid 

The LC takes over order data from the MES or directly from the ERP system.

It manages product- and machine-dependent, quality-related parameter sets for each PU and selects the correct set depending from the production order. Before starting the job the LC sends the relevant data to the PU, is responsible for the communication with the PU and if necessary for the synchronization of the PUs amongst each other’s.

During the execution of a production order, quality-related data and parameters are transferred from the PU to the Line Controller. The data are saved, archived and documented in a manufacturing log. The LC can report back production data and results either to a MES or directly to an ERP system. By using the LC customers have achieved a significant reduction of errors in the parameterization of the plants and were able to reduce the effort for the release of production orders significantly. In addition the LC provides a consistent batch record, which can be used for documentation of the production process towards the end customers.

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