Uncouple your Cleanroom Monitoring from the BMS

The monitoring systems of the on/off engineering gmbh monitor processes and environmental conditions in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology regardless of the building management system (BMS). 

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products requires compliance to a host of legal standards and regulations, while adhering to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP).

Computerized monitoring systems support the burden of proof that the products were produced in the required quality at the specified parameters.

Critical data such as differential pressure, temperature, humidity, particle number, batch number, and even access data are continuously detected by the on/off monitoring system, and subsequently analyzed and logged.

When off-limit conditions happen the operators can be alerted immediately – even by the use of external devices (e.g. via SMS or E-Mail).

Individual, GMP-compliant automated systems bring particularly there advantages where in highest lever continuous product quality and comprehensive monitoring of production conditions are required by little efforts of manpower.

If the cleanroom monitoring is uncoupled from the BMS, in case of a (re-)certification only the monitoring system has to be (re-)certified and not the entire BMS, too – and vice versa. Free yourself with the on/off cleanroom monitoring system!

Specifications, requirements, configuration, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), installation, calibration, SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and training - all that is part of the service offer of the on/off engineering gmbh.

If needed after the realization of a project on/off is at customer’s disposal with offers for 24h support and maintenance.


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