-  onoff group and Videc to cooperate

The companies of the onoff group - onoff engineering gmbh and onoff it-solutions gmbh - headquartered in Wunstorf near Hanover and Videc Data Engineering from Bremen have intensified their cooperation and signed contracts. The successful cooperation has existed for 15 years and has now been placed on a new level. The starting point for this step are joint major projects in Germany and Austria in the pharmaceutical Industry.
"It is mainly about the coordination of sales and technology in order to guarantee a better and faster implementation of projects", describes Hartmut Dietrich, Managing Director of onoff engineering gmbh, as an important point of cooperation. "We bring together the competences from our company divisions, learn from each other and go to market with this Know-how," adds Dieter Barelmann, Managing Director of Videc Data Engineering. "Technological development has picked up enormous speed in recent years. Therefore it makes sense to bundle competences in order to be even more competitive." As a leading, independent system integrator and service provider in process automation, onoff is the ideal partner to accompany digital transformation projects. Videc can provide valuable support with its product portfolio and core competencies. "Consulting, conception and implementation of new automation and IT solutions are in good and safe hands on the way to digitalization", the two managing directors agree.
You can find more about Videc Data Engineering here

To be seen in the picture: Dieter Barelmann, Managing Director Videc GmbH, and Hartmut Dietrich, Managing Director onoff engineering GmbH

 -  FELTEN and onoff it-solutions gmbh cooperate

As a specialist for production management, the FELTEN Group has agreed on a cooperation with onoff it-solutions gmbh as a further project partner as part of its growth strategy.
In the future, the MES system integrator will take over the introduction of PILOT solutions, as both companies complement each other advantageously in their technological self-image and through their joint focus on the process industry.
onoff it-solutions gmbh has decades of project experience and supports customers with its services in every life cycle phase of project implementation. It offers integrated automation solutions from the field level via the process control level to the MES system with ERP connection from a single source. The cooperation with the modular PILOT:Suite expands the company's product portfolio with a technologically market-leading platform that supports production companies in their focus on fully digitized manufacturing processes and Industry 4.0.
As an easily scalable solution that can be used in the cloud, PILOT generates a high degree of flexibility and transparency, as well as a simple and complete integration of production processes into business processes. Due to this best practice method with individual characteristics, Felten's software platform proves to be above-average innovative, cost- and future-oriented in customer practice.
"With onoff it-solutions gmbh, we have gained another partner who, with its highly qualified employees in competence centers distributed throughout Europe, represents an excellent addition to our service portfolio," says Werner Felten, Managing Director of the software house of the same name, explaining the newly concluded cooperation with the MES system integrator. "The PILOT:Suite from Felten offers us a flexible and powerful platform for individually adapted customer solutions in all industries relevant to us. This enables us to support our customers' specialized production processes with tailor-made software without sacrificing the advantages of a standard MES. We are looking forward to the exciting cooperation", says Björn Müller, Managing Director of onoff it-solutions gmbh.

If you have any questions, please contact onoff it-solutions gmbh
Thomas Franz
Tel. 0 5031 / 9686-0

 -  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

At the end of 2017, we would like to thank customers, partners and employees for their trust and pleasant cooperation. on/off group wishes a peaceful holiday and a successful start into the new year 2018. 

 -  onoff engineering gmbh extends its management

On 1 September 2017, the shareholders of on/off engineering Gmbh has appointed Mr.Hartmut Dietrich - Dipl.-Eng. as second managing director besides Mr. Rolf Arneke. 

With Mr. Dietrich, the company has got a proven industry expert with many years of experience in project business and sales. His previous career, in medium-sized companies and large corporations, provided him a lot of experience in successful strategic thinking and strong entrepreneurial activities. Mr. Dietrich will be responsible for the entire operational business. Mr. Rolf Arneke will continue to be the managing director of the company.

On the picture: R. Arneke (left) and H. Dietrich

 -  Uncouple your Cleanroom Monitoring from the BMS

The monitoring systems of the on/off engineering gmbh monitor processes and environmental conditions in the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology regardless of the building management system (BMS). 

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products requires compliance to a host of legal standards and regulations, while adhering to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP).

Computerized monitoring systems support the burden of proof that the products were produced in the required quality at the specified parameters.

Critical data such as differential pressure, temperature, humidity, particle number, batch number, and even access data are continuously detected by the on/off monitoring system, and subsequently analyzed and logged.

When off-limit conditions happen the operators can be alerted immediately – even by the use of external devices (e.g. via SMS or E-Mail).

Individual, GMP-compliant automated systems bring particularly there advantages where in highest lever continuous product quality and comprehensive monitoring of production conditions are required by little efforts of manpower.

If the cleanroom monitoring is uncoupled from the BMS, in case of a (re-)certification only the monitoring system has to be (re-)certified and not the entire BMS, too – and vice versa. Free yourself with the on/off cleanroom monitoring system!

Specifications, requirements, configuration, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), installation, calibration, SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and training - all that is part of the service offer of the on/off engineering gmbh.

If needed after the realization of a project on/off is at customer’s disposal with offers for 24h support and maintenance.


Andreas Fingerle
Tel. +49 6103 5098301

 -  Process optimization with Line Controller

For production areas, where Package Units (PU) are used, the on/off it-solutions gmbh has developed a solution called Line Controller (LC). The Line Controller is located on the control level in the automation pyramid 

The LC takes over order data from the MES or directly from the ERP system.

It manages product- and machine-dependent, quality-related parameter sets for each PU and selects the correct set depending from the production order. Before starting the job the LC sends the relevant data to the PU, is responsible for the communication with the PU and if necessary for the synchronization of the PUs amongst each other’s.

During the execution of a production order, quality-related data and parameters are transferred from the PU to the Line Controller. The data are saved, archived and documented in a manufacturing log. The LC can report back production data and results either to a MES or directly to an ERP system. By using the LC customers have achieved a significant reduction of errors in the parameterization of the plants and were able to reduce the effort for the release of production orders significantly. In addition the LC provides a consistent batch record, which can be used for documentation of the production process towards the end customers.

For further Information please contact

Andreas Fingerle
Phone +49 170 3768684

 -  Baxter and onoff engineering gmbh: Together toward a shared goal

Baxter is currently constructing a plasma purification facility in Krems, Austria. The on/off group is proud to be part of this project with onoff engineering gmbh and to have been awarded a contract in the order of € 2.5 million. 

The pharmaceutical group Baxter is investing in this capacity expansion in view of increasing demand for a plasmatic product developed in Austria against blood clotting disorders that has additionally shown to be effective for prophylaxis treatment in recent clinical studies. The partly finished Baxter production building in Krems was chosen as the site for this project. 

The onoff engineering gmbh is a product- and system-independent engineering office for automation technology, a leading service provider in process automation and will be responsible for hardware, software, and IT engineering, as well as control cabinet building and installation, and delivery of field devices. COMOS, PCS 7, Simatic Batch and Siemens MES will be used. 

Read more about Baxter here!

 -  InfoCarrier® Version 5.9 now available!

The MES InfoCarrier® of on/off group is now available in version 5.9! This new version contains important enhancements, such as the connection to EMCS. All new developments for the InfoCarrier® have been carried out in close cooperation with users and are already in use by our customers. 

The most important new features of the current version are 

  • a packing material and consumables management 
  • connection to the electronic tariff system EMCS 
  • development and optimization of the universal XML interface

For further information, please contact Mr. Björn Müller, Tel.: +49 5031 9686-26 or by e-mail

 -  Virtualization: Characteristics in automation

In order to operate a facility for a longer period without having to constantly upgrade the automation software to the latest operating systems and PC hardware, the virtualization of computer hardware is an optimal technology, even for new plants. 

But be careful! Not everything that is common in the IT industry can also be used 1:1 in automation.

As part of the services offered by the on/off engineering gmbh IT Virtualization is a current and relevant topic. For further information, please contact Mr. Jürgen Flütter per phone, +49 5031 9686-70 or via e-mail,

 -  InfoCarrier® Version 5.8 now available

The InfoCarrier ® system of the on/off group is now available in version 5.8! This new version contains important enhancements. All new developments for the InfoCarrier® have been done in close cooperation with users and are already in use by customers. 

The most important new features of the current version refer to

  • • the system interface (XML) 
  • • the energy management 
  • • the report archive 
  • • the test equipment and 
  • • sample management 

For further information, please contact Mr. Björn Müller, Tel.: +49 5031 9686-26 or by e-mail